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Product offerings
Quality Custom Cabinetry
 Quality Custom Cabinetry is our premier cabinet manufacturer intended for the homeowner who demands the best cabinetry available anywhere.  They are family owned and operated in Lancaster Pennsylvania.  To learn more about Quality Custom Cabinetry, please click here:

Quality Custom Cabinetry Inc.
Tedd Wood Custom Cabinetry
Tedd Wood Custom Cabinetry is our mid-price cabinet manufacturer.  Tedd Wood is a truly flexible cabinet line with unlimited offerings and several different price points.  They are family owned and operated in Thompsontown, Pensylvannia.  To learn more about Tedd Wood, please click here:

Custom Cupboards Cabinetry
Our starting price point that offers tremendous value is Custom Cupboards.  It can be fully customized at a price point that is hard to match.  Price isn't their only strong suit.  Many of our customers choose Custom Cupboards for their hundreds of distinct specialty finishes.  They are family owned and operated in Wichita, Kansas.  To learn more about Custom Cupboards please click here:

Why Custom Cabinetry?

Apple Kitchens offers custom cabinetry.  There are many misconceived notions about custom cabinetry.   It means that every cabinet we offer is produced to your specifications for your home.  The choices are essentially limitless.

Custom Cabinetry over the years has been labeled as "expensive".  Since custom cabinetry is typically higher quality, it will never be the cheapest alternative.  It can, however, be  surprisingly affordable and most of the time it is the best value.  Customers who have priced "semi-custom" or "stock" cabinetry are pleasantly surprised that Apple Kitchens can offer custom cabinetry at a comparable cost.   Combine that with our extensive design experience and the value is tremendous. 

Apple Kitchens offers cabinetry from three cabinet manufactures.  These three vendors offer different options and price points within there own brands.  This assures that Apple Kitchens has an offering for almost any client's style and budget.   Our client base is truly diverse.  It ranges from first time home buyers, to police and fireman, small business owners, yacht builders, CEO's and professional athletes.  Essentially, we can offer something for everyone.

Why Manufactured Cabinetry?

Some people think that custom cabinetry is only made by small, local cabinet makers.  Years ago, this was true.  Today, most custom cabinetry is made by larger companies that sell their products through a dealer network.  The advantage to this is that these manufacturers have the buying power to purchase the finest equipment and produce their cabinetry in a perfectly controlled environment.  From computer controlled routers and saws, down to state of the art finishing equipment, the end results are impressive and unmatched by many shops that can be limited by their equipment and environment.